A new song “rain” from the upcoming Chris Stowe full length LP. Filmed by Jeremy Salapek live at Mt. Thrashmore in Philly on Dec 4th 2012.

New Album/Philly Show

Pals & Buddies,

two cool things:

1. next week my new musical teammate eric and i will finish tracking on the new chris stowe full length. i wasn’t sure i was ever going to make another acoustic album again after bleed (which was forever ago.) it’s a lot different, and probably still painfully personal, but i’ve never been more proud of anything i’ve ever done and i can’t wait to share it with you.

2. on that note, eric and i will be playing together/gettin real drunk next week at my buddy dans house in philly. you should come hear some new jams, here’s a flier:

punkrockyeezus asked: Hola, you posted the vinyl of Bleed some time ago and I wanted to ask if it's actually available somewhere :) x

nah, that thing is out of print. it was only ever pressed in switzerland for a europe tour i did in 2010. the label was called road sweet road records but i’m pretty sure they went down with the ship…if you could get ahold of them i’ll bet they have a bunch of my LPs still.

Anonymous asked: Where can I contact you?


Anonymous asked: To me life's all about simplicity... keep it sane.

word up.

theclashfangirl asked: Your music is perfect. It means so much to me. Thank you.

hey thanks, that means a lot :) truly

Anonymous asked: Hi, I know you're a musician but do you have a normal job, too? If so, what do you do?

yea i have a really weird job with a small town news paper which is like a travelling accountant. it’s terrible.

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stowes abc vinyl listen: day 5: “antlers”

these reviews are harder to write than i’d anticipated. but here they are, my perspective and musical history, in alphabetical order. day 5. “the antlers: Hospice”

so, i know i blew it and slacked on this thing for 3 whole weeks. 3 weeks….that’s so long….but i honestly haven’t touched my record player in 21 days, isn’t that nuts? well, that’s a lie, i turned it on to spin that new “adventures” seven inch, but other than that, my old buddy just sat and collected dust. i dedicate a descent amount of obsession to records…out of my personal obsession bank, i’d say record collecting receives roughly 14 percent of my obsession quota, but i still can’t find the time in a whole 3 weeks to sit with some music and just think about that.

that thought bums me out. and yea, i’ve been busy. i had to go to canada, and i’ve been writing and recording for a new band and a new solo record and white wives had a big show to play and i started a new chapter of my working life in pittsburgh, which is 3 hours from my house, but is any of that an excuse? probably not, or maybe…either way, sorry to the few of you guys that were keeping up on this. i’m going to give it another shot if you’ll grant me a second chance.

anyways. hospice.

my buddy recommended this to me a few years ago after i berated him for a good hour for not knowing enough about the appleseed cast, so i just snagged the vinyl and went for it. i put it on a few times without ever bothering with the lyrics, and it’s a cool record. it sounds like the other indie bands that you’d immediately think of when i say indie bands, know what i mean? it’s great and all, all the atmosphere shit that i have no idea how any musician ever creates…i mean, i like arcade fire and all, but sometimes that stuff is just over my head. then i read the lyrics.

do you remember concept albums? and i don’t just mean coheed, i mean when EVERYONE was making a concept album. vendetta red and that crazy sisterhood of the red death thing…then early november thought they needed to release a triple concept album…when was that? like 2005? i remember trying to get into those…and i bought those damn coheed comics assuming they’d shed some light on what the fuck was going on on those albums…then they just stopped making them. so, thanks for that claudio.

hospice is a concept record about a girl who was troubled or misunderstood and was committed. and whatever she has is killing her…and sometimes the songs are from her point of view, and sometimes from her doctors, and sometimes from a guy who is staying with her and wishes he could save her…might be her brother. i don’t know.

it’s really dense…and it’s really well done both poetically and sonically…but i’m probably never going to appreciate it as much as it deserves. i like simple stuff that says a lot and this record is a complicated thing that could be saying everything, or nothing, and there’s no way to tell which.

i’ve probably listened to this 50 times (it’s great background music for pretty much anything including but not limited to: winter days, making out, changing guitar strings, etc.) but it’s never really hit home with me for whatever reason. but, promise me, if you’re going to check it out, play it the whole way through and read the lyrics along with…maybe it’ll speak to you.

also they claim to have made this with a m-box, pro tools, and 2 microphones. if that’s true than this thing is a miracle of sound.

i give this album 6.5/10 stowes.

link to an interview about this record by the creator: HERE

you should pay for it if you’re going to listen to this, but the whole album is up on youtube HERE

next up we’ve got to dig through the appleseed casts entire catalog, which i do about once a month anyways…

stowes abc vinyl listen: day 4: “anniversary club”

these reviews are harder to write than i’d anticipated. but here they are, my perspective and musical history, in alphabetical order. day 4.

Anniversary Club: Bleed

so, this one’s weird, because it’s my record. but, the rules are everything in alphabetical order…so instead of a review i’m going to treat this as more of a “notes from the author” kind of thing…or maybe like a commentary track on a movie that no one listens to, unless it’s a kevin smith flick, because he’s hilarious.

this record is sad. real sad. and it all really happened. listening back to it, there’s almost zero metaphor in any of these lyrics. these songs are basically, word for word, exactly what happened and exactly how i felt about a really bad year. while that’s neat and everything, it doesn’t exactly make for good songwriting, which was a lesson i’ve since learned. but, the songs are kind of a time capsule for me, and i like being able to open it and poke around every once and a while. few people are able to say that they’ve made a custom emo record filled with personalized sad thoughts about their own life, and that’s pretty cool. i’m like a build a bear store, except with sad songs.

i was also able to involve all of my friends i’ve ever wanted to make music with at the time. it took about a weekend to track and we did everything at my house. people would be in and out all weekend, just hanging out and being a part of it. it’s weird how much just sitting in a room with your friends while you have to track a song will effect the end result of the recording. it was definitely the least sterile environment i’ve ever recorded in. and we also drank a lot.

when i was writing this stuff, i had to go to a really really dark place to flesh out everything. it was definitely the worst i’ve ever felt, so in a lot of ways this record was like surgery for me. a lot of the songs (bleed and please call specifically) just came out of me. i sat down, found chords, and had all the lyrics within about ten minutes, and that’s really weird. it was like i was performing some sort of emo exorcism on myself and i ended up puking out these songs.

ultimately, i love this thing. it’s got a ton of flaws and holes, but it’s an old friend. because of these songs i got to see the world, tour europe with my best friend, and eventually join white wives, which i’m very grateful for. this record also serves as an artifact that will bind me to a lot of amazing humans forever…for good or bad, they’re stuck with my sad ass, and that’s priceless.

my favorite song on the record is antinomy. antinomy is a fake word i read in a scientific american once…it’s basically used to describe an argument that, no matter how long it’s argued, can never be won by either side. fun fact.

listen/download “bleed”: RIGHT HERE

i give this album 10/10 stowes, because i fucking wrote it.

tomorrows review: antlers: hospice